Who Are You? (Truth CAS)

Who Are You?

The world may provide many suggestions based on what you’ve done… or not done.  You may be searching to find your identity, unsure of who you are now.  You may be fighting shame and guilt, or insecurity and uncertainty.  You may have even provided an identity for yourself.  A label that you go by.

But is it accurate?

Take 3 minutes and find out who you REALLY are…

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What Does God Think of You?

I hear that God loves me, but I often mess up.  I don’t do what God asks… I don’t reflect God’s love… I have good days and bad days when it comes to walking in accordance with my faith.

I wonder sometimes, how does God see me?  You too?

Check out these thoughts from Pastor Matt Fuller to discover how you can simultaneously be perfect… and flawed… yet loved by God.


Tell me about Christian Fasting (in a couple of minutes!)

Fasting is another tool for Spiritual Fitness.  But what does the Bible say about fasting?  Here’s a quick video to get you started:


NOTE: We recommend consulting with your health care provider before undertaking any fast.  For some conditions, fasting could be harmful.

1.  Why should we fast (in your own words)?
2.  If you have fasted, what were the most important things you have learned?
3.  How would you convince someone else to try fasting?

No Such Thing As Unanswered Prayer?

It’s 1990 and Garth Brooks has released a song that peaks my interest… and changes my perspective on prayer.  The song is called “Unanswered Prayers.”

Image result for images garth brooks unanswered prayersThe song tells the story of a man who encounters an old high school flame and recalls how he used to pray that God would “make her mine.”  Spoiler alert: It didn’t work out.

But as the man encounters this old flame, he realizes that she wasn’t “the one” and he realizes how grateful he is God didn’t answer his high school era prayer.

There’s just one problem with this song and this philosophy on answered prayers.

Garth was wrong... Continue reading No Such Thing As Unanswered Prayer?

How to Get Spiritually Fit in the New Year

Related imageAre you making New Year’s resolutions around your health or fitness level?  Many folks are, and that’s not a bad thing.

But I wonder how many of us are making resolutions about spiritual fitness?

Wait… spiritual fitness?  Is that even a thing?  And if it is, why should I care? Continue reading How to Get Spiritually Fit in the New Year