Motivation Monday – Power of Community

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Discipline Equals Freedom?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word, “Discipline?”  Is it a positive or a negative reaction?

Related imageI’ll tip my hand up front: I don’t really like discipline, but I love what discipline gives me.

In his book, Extreme Ownership, Jocko Willink says that discipline equals freedom.  But how does that work?  Aren’t those two concepts polar opposites?

Here’s what we learned at The Xena Project: not only can discipline give YOU freedom, it can give freedom to any group you’re a part of: your team, your family, your squad… you name it.  How? Continue reading Discipline Equals Freedom?

Decision Making Amidst Uncertainty (Part 2)

Related imageHow do you make decisions in an uncertain situations?  Do you have general principles or a series of questions you use to help your decision-making?

This was the question I posed to our Thursday night gathering of The Xena Project after looking at some examples of people who had to make big decisions in very dynamic environments.  Part 1 of this thread covers the set up.

And here’s what they came back with… Continue reading Decision Making Amidst Uncertainty (Part 2)

A World Without Thanks

Related imageHave you ever wondered what a world without thanks would look like?  That’s a backwards approach to this day we set aside to give thanks, but sometimes I like to look at things from the opposite angle to better understand the positives.

But to go even deeper, what would be the ramifications of a thankless society?  (Spoiler alert: it’s bad!).  It’s not a place I’d want to live.  And it’s not a place I’d want to hand off to my kids and grandkids.  Aren’t we supposed to protect them and give them the best?

So… how do we hand off a world we’d want the next generation to inherit? Continue reading A World Without Thanks

Decision Making Amidst Uncertainty (Part 1)

Related imageHow do you make decisions amidst uncertainties?  Do you have formulas, processes, or tricks of the trade?

At our most recent gathering of The Xena Project, I asked veterans that very question.  All had experience in needing to make decisions amidst uncertainty, but not just because they were veterans.

It’s because life is uncertain… and decisions need to be made… by everyone.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a “go-to” process that helps decision-making amidst uncertainty? Continue reading Decision Making Amidst Uncertainty (Part 1)